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Master Bikram’s Martial Art Academy
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CKD is taught in a friendly, family-orientated atmosphere, and in a fun and easy-to-learn manner. The development of character and mental strength based on CKD's tenets is considered the most important overall goal in CKD training, along with the attainment of proper technique. The tenets are

The Principle of Choi Kwang Do
Unbreakable Sprit
Adult Pledge
My Pledge
To set positive goals and strive to achieve them
To apply self-discipline to further my personal development
To stand for justice and honor my word
To promote friendly relationships among all the people
To use what I learn in a constructive manner

The Children Promise
To always do my best and never give up
To obey my parents and teachers
To tell the truth and honor my word
To always be be polite
To never misuse what i learn in class
Sco 411, Sector 20, panchkula, Haryana
Ph: 0172 2552790, 9988874784,9988874789

Sco 193, 2nd floor,
Sector 16,Panchkula, Haryana
Ph: 0172 5057789, 9988874784,9988874789
Blabhawan, Sector 23-B, Chandigarh
Ph: 0172 5057789, 9988874784,9988874789
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