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Master Bikram’s Martial Art Academy
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Master Bikram's Martial Art Academy can offer companies and corporations an exciting, unique, martial arts and wellness program with a difference. The art itself is noncontact and therefore safe for practitioners of all ages. Self-defense skills are developed in a friendly and exciting environment where personal development is paramount. This way, skills such as concentration, listening, and focus can be worked on, developed and refined. Fitness develops naturally as a result of training in the gradually progressive, complete, holistic system designed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi. Grandmaster Choi, a 9th Degree Black Belt, has over 64 years of experience of training and teaching in the martial arts.

Sco 411, Sector 20, panchkula, Haryana
Ph: 0172 2552790, 9988874784,9988874789

Sco 193, 2nd floor,
Sector 16,Panchkula, Haryana
Ph: 0172 5057789, 9988874784,9988874789
Blabhawan, Sector 23-B, Chandigarh
Ph: 0172 5057789, 9988874784,9988874789
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