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The techniques and concepts of this art can be considered very non-traditional. Principles of modern science, derived from psychology, kinesiology, and biomechanics, form the basis for Choi Kwang-Do. Choi Kwang-Do is designed to be a devastatingly effective self-defense system that can be used in real practical situations. Furthermore, Choi Kwang-Do has been designed to enhance the student's overall health, fitness, and well being rather than cause the injuries and damage unlike other traditional martial art.
CKD system is based on the principles that its self- defense techniques should:
  • Develops combat abilities for testing situations.
  • Evolves emotional and mental conditions.
  • Enhance individual strength with practice
  • Develop reflexes and ability to respond against threats
  • Easy to learn and adopt.
  • Increase Self Confidence, Self Awareness & Self- Esteem

Sco 411, Sector 20, panchkula, Haryana
Ph: 0172 2552790, 9988874784,9988874789


Sco 193, 2nd floor,
Sector 16,Panchkula, Haryana
Ph: 0172 5057789, 9988874784,9988874789
Blabhawan, Sector 23-B, Chandigarh
Ph: 0172 5057789, 9988874784,9988874789
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